This is how men will take advantage of transactivist identity politics.

treading on capes

What is not new, is that an event for women only has been shut down by men. An event for female game developers to host conferences and network has been shut down by men who have been made too intensely uncomfortable by the reality of women being independent beings seeking out and immersing themselves in some fun without them. When that hobby is something that is typically seen as a noble stick of masculine measurement, women going anywhere near it seems to be particularly infuriating, which is nice to see.

What is a little bit new, is the way these men are activating their seething, bubbling misogyny. They have been threatening to infiltrate the event as “female transexuals”. Clearly not in the least bit intimidated by the obsessive cult-like activism of transactivism and ‘queer’ politics, they have seem the new fashionable feminism as a key on a plate to get…

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