The Chicago Dyke March is lesbophobic


Another day, another attack on lesbians from the queer community. There is nothing new in this Tweet from Chicago Dyke March. It is part of a long line of attempts by so-called progressives to deny material reality and shame any lesbian who refuses to suspend disbelief. In truth, it only serves to highlight how the horseshoe theory applies to lesbophobia: whether on the right or the left, a woman whose sexuality excludes penis is seen as an aberration, someone who must be shamed and attacked for having boundaries that excludes males. It is a very old problem for us.

In the wake of post-modernism and queer theory, we find ourselves in a world where words have been stripped of any meaning. A woman is anyone who feels like a woman, and a lesbian is any who is attracted to women only. This translates into men being allowed to claim that their penis is female and that they are lesbians. What we are seeing is words with no objective meaning being used to erase lesbianism in favour of straight men who have always resented us for our independence.

The point that it is lesbianism under attack cannot be overemphasised: it is mostly lesbians who are the target of such abuse when the “logic” behind queer theory should apply equally to gay men and straight people. Yet there are hardly any articles asking whether male homosexuality is becoming obsolete, or whether straight men should start labelling themselves queer so as to not be exclusionary. Lesbians, on the other hand, can choose from an abundance of such articles and are constantly targeted for abuse and attacks if they dare speak up.

It is worth remembering that the alleged purpose of a Dyke March is to raise lesbian visibility. Yet it is clear that in the case of the Chicago Dyke March, as well as other Dyke Marches, lesbian erasure is actively supported while men in dresses are celebrated. I guess we are seeing the post-modern definition of inclusivity in action: the word lesbian now includes everyone but actual lesbians.

What is being asked of us, effectively, is that we change our orientation and that we dismiss our boundaries. According to queers, female same-sex attraction no longer exists since the material reality of sex is considered to be a social construct. In its place we find the nebulous concept of gender with its circular logic and reliance on sex-based stereotypes. The end result is that sex is not sexed while brains and “essence” are. This only illustrates the incoherence and absurdity of post-modern queer theory, which insists that there are no objective truths whilst relying heavily on the “objective truth” of gender in order to deconstruct it. And lesbians, as well as women in general, are paying the price for this nonsense.

The Chicago “Dyke” March is just an offshoot of patriarchy. It demands that lesbians erase themselves from their own lives in order to prop up the subjective identities of men. A refusal to comply is met with the usual punishment meted out to outspoken women. But we are going nowhere, and we are not shutting up.


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