Capitalism, Legalized Prostitution, and the Plight of Romanian Women: A Case Study in Sexual Exploitation

Great post, and a quote that sums up the issue of the legalisation of prostitution very well: “Legal prostitution in other countries creates the opportunity for crime everywhere.”


I was listening to a feminist podcast on the subject unrelated to labor and sexual exploitation when, during the brief rundown of news at the beginning of the program, I learned that migrant Romanian women working in agriculture in Sicily were being horribly sexually exploited by their employers. Now, sexual exploitation of women within capitalism is not news to me, but this particularly situation struck me as outside the general narrative of the global North exploiting the global South. It also raised issues regarding legalized prostitution Europe, so I feel it is a situation worth highlighting.

Sicilian police believe there are about 7,500 women, the majority of whom are Romanian, living in slave conditions on farms across Sicily, but particularly in the region of Ragusa. According to the Proxyma Association, an Italian migrant rights organization, an estimated half of all Romanian women are regurlaly raped by their employers. If they…

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