Girl Gets misgendered and mis-sexed as boy and banned from soccer tournament because of typo and short hair; Abby Wambach defends her


“Mili Hernandez adores soccer…but last weekend, Hernandez’s entire team was disqualified from a soccer tournament in Springfield, Nebraska because organizers were certain that she was a boy. Their proof? Hernandez has a short hair cut.”

Yep, this happened. Poor Mili was misgendered and mis-sexed because of a typo on the registrar listing her as a boy. Her parents apparently provided their child’s insurance card that listed her sex as female, but the league still banned the entire team.

“Just because I look like a boy doesn’t mean I am a boy,” stated a devasted Mili after being in shock and crying.

Guess what hurts as much as being misgendered when you are trans? Being mis-sexed from your ACTUAL sex. Maybe the trans lobby isn’t aware of this incident, but so far there has been no outrage over this migendering from the trans police.

There was one very important response, however…

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